“How To Seduce Your Boss” – Afrocandy [Rated 18+]

Afrocandy is out with a compressive lecture titled “How To Seduce Your Boss”
Please this is rated 18+….
 Seducing My Boss
I am highly sexual, and I have never had a boss, male or female, that did not have sex with me.
On this particular day, I met him at the office door with a fresh cup of steaming coffee.
“Is that a new dress?” he asked, as I followed him into his private office.
“Yes” I replied, turning about to model it for him. “I bought it just for you. I was hoping you would like it.”
“Very nice” he said thoughtfully, pausing to enjoy the view of my curvy body in the sexy dress. “Very nice indeed”
“Thank you, Sir” I said, very pleased with his compliment.
“Panties?” he asked.
“Yes, silly”I said, giggling.
“No, I meant what kind of panties” he explained.
“Oh, they are black lace thong panties” I replied.
“May I see them?” he asked.
I bit my lower lip, as I gave him a shy smile. I slowly lifted the hem of my short dress, inching it up past the black lace tops of my thigh high stockings to reveal the creamy smooth flesh of my firm thighs above the stocking tops. I lifted the dress slowly higher until my lace covered mons came into view in the tiny thong panties. Slowly I lifted it higher until the firm flesh of my lower abdomen was exposed above the low slung waistband of the tiny panties.
“Turn around” he directed me, and I slowly turned. I knew the backs of my legs and my high, tight bottom looked great in my spiked four-inch heels. I placed my palms on his desk top and arched my back, thrusting my molded buns back at him, my dress tucked up around my waist.
I heard the sound of his zipper being undone, and he pushed my thong panties to one side, exposing my pink slit to his view. I spread my legs to give him room, and I felt his hardness as he pressed it between my thighs from behind. I moaned with delight as I felt him pressing into me, and I pressed back upon him, wanting him as deeply inside me as possible. He began to thrust into me, with me bent forward over his desk, the wonderful friction sending shock waves of joy racing through me as he sawed in and out of me. I could feel my steamy hot juices begin to bathe over him and dripping down my inner thighs in sticky rivulets, as my treacherous body came alive with uncontrollable sensations of utter delight.
He increased the pace of his thrusting, his hips smacking against my rubbery globes with each forward thrust, as my whimpers and moans mixed with the juicy, wet squishing noises of him pistoning in and out of me. My ****** built to a crescendo as his efforts grew more and more frantic, until I cried out with release, my seething body shaking and quivering with involuntary spasms. He tensed, and flooded me with his white-hot offering, filling me with his boiling goo. He gushed inside me like an unleashed firehose, as I grasped him tightly, using my well-trained talents to milk him until he was completely drained, and his limp manhood escaped from between my slippery nether lips.
He staggered backwards and fell to sit in his leather executive chair. I turned and looked down at him with loving sympathy, as his limpness was draiped over his thigh like a snake.
“Mother taught me that a lady always cleans up after herself” I said, as I dropped to my knees and began to lick him clean. I swirled my tongue over his length like a mother cat cleaning her kittens, lapping up the delicious mixture of his spent offering and my syruppy juices. When I had him completely clean, I gently tucked him away, zipping up his slacks.
“Will there be anything else, Sir” I asked, rising to my feet and smoothing down my dress.
“No, not right now” he said with a blissful tone in his voice.
“Well, just call me if there is anything I can do for you” I said. “I’ll be right outside your office at my desk.” I turned and strutted from his office, unleashing my supple hips in an exaggerated wiggle, feeling his eyes upon me.
I made my way to the ladies room to clean up, still tingling with the aftershocks of my ******, and hoping that he’d somehow find time for me in his busy schedule later that afternoon.